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Resolved! Travelling in Mexico - need some info/help

I'm in Mexico. Somehow my on-line banking is locked and says to call 1-800-796-2555 for help with your account.Tried calling this number but I get a message saying outgoing calls to out of country must start with + then country code - what is the cou...

Bring it Back phone assessed at zero

Hi everyone, I mailed back my perfect condition phone via UPS in a bubble-mailer, via UPS, then they sent me email stating the assessed value was $0. zilch. meanwhile, I did have to pay in full, the remaining balance from the program ( about 500 $)I ...

Resolved! Samsung OneUI 5.1

Hi. Why is Telus not updating S22 Ultra with OneUI 5.1 on the Feb. 14 target date?

Telus blocks internet access via hotspot tablet sim

I need to use my tablet sim (data only plan) as a hotspot in my car - i cannot stop everytime to give passengers access to the hotspot on my Telus phone. With the tablet sim, my car has a permanent internet connection for remote access of functions, ...

TT459 by Just Moved In
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UPS Lost phone

UPS lost my phone 5 months ago and I am still paying for the lost phone each month. UPS has proof the driver delivered to a completely wrong address. The driver went back to get the phone and the person at the address said they dont have it. Every ti...

Amesgogo by Just Moved In
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Hi I used to send emails to my [email protected] on my android phone but recently I stopped receiving them. I am wondering if its an account that can get full and I somehow have to delete the content? Or does anyone have a suggestion on what ...

mjw by Neighbour
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being charged for texts i never sent

Have an iPhone and my billing came out with $100 in international texts I never made, 2 of them were made while on a plane with phone in airplane mode. there are no texts on my phone for these 2 US numbers and so far telus has been no help. I see the...

Davyseal by Friendly Neighbour
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4G only works with WiFi

Over the past few days my telus service has stopped working fully when not connected to WiFI. I can still call and SMS although some people complain of failed deliveries with text messages. What I noticed is that Google maps and Wave have no or limit...

penguin by Just Moved In
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How to safely buy used iphone

HiI'm looking for a used iphone. I heard a horrible story where a lady in Edmonton bought a used iphone from an individual. Everything checked out at the time but before she could activate it the seller reported it stolen. Would I need to activate th...

Frznrth by Organizer
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