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Phone Not Registered With Telus

Here's a good one...My contract started in 2014, and I was up for a device upgrade in 2017. I waited for the Google Pixel to be a $0 upgrade. In December of 2017, it was. I used Telus's online upgrade system, and a brand new Pixel was sent to me, fro...

Resolved! Prepaid out of Province

I am in BC and will be going to Nova Scotia and Ontario soon. Will i be able to use text services while in those two provinces with the plan I have now. If not any idea on what i need to do in order to use text so I do not get charged?

Tmh177 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Blocked phone

Hi, my phone is blocked. It is therefore not possible for me to call the support service. Is it possible to have a Puk number by mail?

Vac by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blacklisted Question

Okay, so I purchased of a phone of Craigslist. At the time of the meeting I made sure the phone I was purchasing was not fake, had warranty and also was not blacklisted. It checked out all fine. It was a brand new phone, never activated. I purchased ...

Telus mobility app for Android

So I have a samsung galaxy s7 edge and I am no longer able to login to my telus app, I am not a corporate user or business person, it just says when I try to login it says (Sorry there is a unexpected error logging you in please try again later) I tr...

Matt365 by Organizer
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Resolved! Plain text messaging converted to MMS - why?

Why do some of my text messages turn into MMS (multimedia) and some stay as plain text?The ones that are sent as MMS are just plain text.At 1st thought it was the length of my messages which I have read anything over 160 characters automatically conv...

David007 by Just Moved In
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TELUS, can you please bring the new BlackBerry android Dteck60? Since our old BlackBerry devises are loosing apps we need another device to take over. The specs on this Dtek60 looks great.

Data continues to accumulate??!

Telia says my account is fine and I've not even come close to my limit. .. but my phone accumulate each month? Same with Wi-Fi. I've tried everything I know and have set and reset zeros then within a day it's back up higher than the previou...

Sueme by Just Moved In
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