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Bring it back

Hello Telus. I am having a real struggle to get a Bring it Back shipping label. Here is the situation:I bought a new phone on the Telus website. I received it on Monday 24th July. I have activated the new phone.I need to return my old phone by mail u...

GM2 by Neighbour
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Google Play charge

I just got my recent phone bill, I was charged for a Google Play fee of $28.34 but I have not purchased any apps or subscriptions. My Google account says I have zero purchase history. I have tried phoning and it did not help at all. How do I figure o...

Ericka22 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Reactive phone number that I used before

I recently moved outside of Canada then I need my Canadian phone number that has already ended to log in my bank account. Is it possible to reactivate my old phone number?

Soki by Neighbour
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Buy it back

My phone is coming up for renewal and although I usually take advantage, I'm thinking of keeping it this time. As I had been credited up front, I understand I will have to pay that back. However, will my monthly fee of $26.25 now disappear as I will ...

Jpauls50 by Neighbour
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My Telus error after eSIM conversion

I converted my iPhone physical SIM to eSIM and now My Telus app errors out and cannot see my usage or even my plan details. Only billing info is available. Same errors with my Telus site. Phone works ok.

Smarkos by Neighbour
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Number Transfer

Hi, my fiancée was with Bell and needed a new phone so I added her on my account and ordered a new IPhone 14. We received it today, and set it up, inserted new SIM and requested a phone number transfer. It usually takes 30mins to 2:30. It has been 10...

Nicky-gb by Neighbour
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