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Wi-fi calling suddenly not working

I live in a rural area with no cellular coverage. I have been using wifi- calling for well over a year now. Over the last 2 weeks wifi calling has been going off and on even when my phone shows no service and no network connection. For the last 2 day...

laur813 by Neighbour
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Reconnection charges for no reason

Had a disconnection and reconnection charge on a LivingWell Companion for no reason. I’ve tried calling but the automated answering message is ridiculous and the wait times are atrocious. I’ve reached out on X but other than the quick automated respo...

-TamiH- by Neighbour
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Spam Android notifications - Chrome

I am getting many spam notifications per day, asking me to click here for further information. They shows as coming from "" and are via Chrome notifications. However, I do not get them on my PC or laptop. There are many messages a day sayi...

tcf999 by Friendly Neighbour
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Where is my phone?

I did an online trade in I’m already starting to worry about my device that I shipped because the status has not changed since Dec 1 on my account.I checked the Canada Post tracking number multiple times to confirm if my device was actually received,...

CASad by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus won’t honour their price match policy

On Nov 17 we purchased two identical phones for our kids (iPhone 14) via the Telus web store. Same model and size, same easy payment and bring it back amounts. Monthly payment was $22. A couple of days later, the same phones were being offered for $1...

SamP by Neighbour
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Wifi Calling Suddenly Not Working

Hello! I have had to use Wifi calling at home and school as service is poor in these locations. Yesterday, I came home to find my wifi calling was suddenly not working. I have tried to restart my phone, reset my network settings, turn on and off airp...

andacha by Neighbour
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Resolved! Where is the PROPER Samsung Z-Flip5G user manual????

The Telus dealer gave me my phone and good-bye, that was it. No printed manual in the box. OK, so I look on-line and find this Samsung User Manual SM-F700W/SM-F707W. Printing costs were always high and the times they suck but with on-line ease there ...