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My phone.

Just Moved In
Hi I've called telus 12x to get an unlocked code for this phone I had purchased on a buy and sell place online and the code I was provided with didn't work so now I factory reset my phone and I need the puk code in order to get a new carrier for the phone but when I called one of the reps had told me it was unlocked, but it is not so can you help me with the puk code please so I can have it network unlocked my email is thank you

Community Power User
Community Power User

The participants in the Neighbourhood are almost entirely customers of Telus, and unable to offer that form of support. I suggest connecting Telus through their Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can find other means in the 'Contact Us' section at the page bottom.


BTW, needing a PUK code is a separate issue from the unlocking situation. Be sure to explain each issue separately, as the PUK code is associated with the SIM card, and the unlock code is associated with the phone firmware.



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