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SmartHome Security FAQ's

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we launched our SmartHome Security board, and so much has changed since. You may have seen me around, but I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m MelH, and I’ll be your security go-to expert. I wanted to take ...

MelH by TELUS Employee
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Resolved! Logging out devices

Logging out all devices doesn't work through the smart home app on my phone, I'm the master on the account.Was wondering if there was another way to do it.

Whytock by Just Moved In
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External API Support or use local controller for zwave.

I am curious if Telus Security services will ever be able to intergrate into an existing home automation setup. I currently use Home Assistant and find the Telus offering doesn't compare. Is an API going to be offered in the near future to accomodate...

JoeCrvo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Phone call notifying us of intrusion sounded so suspicious we just hung up

Got a call on my cellphone. The alarm had tripped, but I only found that out much later. There was absolutely no identification of the caller or the purpose of the call. It simply stated my name, then my address, each with that robotic "fill in the b...

Geoh by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Smart home security cancellation

I recently cancelled my security and expected to pay the cancellation fee but there was another charge they did not make me aware of. I was mislead into getting this in the first place since i didn't want it and the guy told me it was going to be fre...

Mark6438 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Video Upload Limit??

Why is there a monthly video upload limit of 3000? 3000 is a large number but not if you have 2 or more cameras. I know I can still record to my SVR but that's onsite and not particularly useful if thieves are involved.

mikcole by Neighbour
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Resolved! Turning off one sensor and leaving the rest on

Is there a way to set up a scene, or something like that, to disable one particular sensor but leave the rest on? We have elderly dogs, who sometimes need to be let out at night by sleepy people. It would be ideal if we could disable that one sensor,...

hollasa by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Screen time for Monitor panel

Hi all, The screen of my monitor panel goes off at 11 pm and on at 8 am by itself everyday. I want to know, how can I change this time period? Please let me know if anyone knows the steps. Thanks !!

Resolved! Wireless Security Battery Life / Low Battery notification

Our old Brinks / ADT wired system was replaced by Telus / ADT wireless system on July 23 2020. Our system consists of: 2 smoke detectors, 1 CO (Carbon Monoxide detector), 3 door sensors and 3 motion detectors. We use both the IOS (Apple) and Web base...

HSL by Organizer
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Resolved! Cannot download Smart Home App

Recently moved to Calgary from USA. Have an Android. Signed up with Telus and installed home Security. When I try to download the smart home app this message comes up “This item is not available in your country. “. It appears Telus thinks I am in the...

Jan4 by Just Moved In
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ADT by Telus Home Security

There was an ADT home security representative in our area today. He was giving free for 6 months then 35/month any time cancellation etc. And also free installation no charge upfront. They need to put an ad in front of my house. Anyone had encountere...