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SmartHome Security FAQ's

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we launched our SmartHome Security board, and so much has changed since. You may have seen me around, but I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m MelH, and I’ll be your security go-to expert. I wanted to take ...

MelH by Community Manager
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Camera Recording Start Time

I may have to call Telus on this one. Reviewing our videos from last night. I get a 30 second clip that starts 21 seconds in. So I get nine seconds of the actual vehicle in the video. This makes zero sense to me. Shouldn’t the video start when the ve...

Stads25 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Wired Cameras

Moving into a newly built home which is pre-wired for outside cameras. Can the Telus system use these or only wireless? Currently with Vivint and we are not happy with it - cameras often go offline for no apparent reason. Thanks.

MC2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! SVR ADC-122

I logged into my Telus account on the computer and went to manage my TELUS home security I opened the web interface I opened the video Tab and next to live view it said svr timeline clicking on it shows me this message Your service plan includes supp...

Matt1877 by Organizer
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Resolved! Camera Recording Issue

We have a camera set up on our detached garage facing out to the back lane. We have the camera set up to start recording when someone enters the zone we have created. I’ve noticed the clip planks are quite short. For example somebody comes and starts...

Stads25 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Living Well?

Hi!I want to cancel my Living Well but I have a problem. It's listed under security and when I try to access, the message says I need to link so I go to the URL but I'm told I'm already linked. Ping pong!I'm canceling because, when the battery wore d...

Resolved! TELUS Smart Home WiFi: Two questions

Hello, 1. When using the app, all the sensors are listed. However one of the motion detectors shows the status as "IDLE". The other one is "ACTIVATED". What does IDLE mean? Is there no WiFi connection? The sensor is installed on the third floor and t...

Resolved! SmartHome phone app... not so smart

app always slowing down and freezing up. Also Telus has taken away my ability to screenshot anything on the app. Streaming for only a second. Timer doesn’t move. I get a peak into my yard and it’s gone. Then 4 to 5 attempts to open it and I might get...

Resolved! Telus security

Can you stop the time out on the cameras? I would like my cameras to be playing 24/7 on my screen

Resolved! Doorbell camera way too sensitive

During these frigid temps, our doorbell camera is going off and sending notifications literally every 5mins when our furnace or the neighbors furnace is on > as it's creating fog/steam and going by our camera. The sensitivity is all the way to the mi...

kristine36 by Friendly Neighbour
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