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Telus TV plus app

Hi; It would be a nice feature if the telus tv app. could provide a casting icon so one could cast to a larger screen. Thank-you

coastaljo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus TV+ app on Chromecast TV not starting

When trying to open the Telus TV+ app on my Chromecast with TV, it's no longer opening.It's just hanging on the Telus TV+ logo and refreshing the screen continuously.Reboot of the Chromecast doesn't change anything.Is anyone else having the same issu...

BartF by Neighbour
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Global TV App

I've signed into the Global TV app with my Pik TV credentials, but the channels that I have access to do no match the channels I've subscribed to on Pik TV. Is there a way to update/sync the Global TV app to reflect my subscription?

cbas by Just Moved In
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Resolved! High Data Usage

I've been upset here with the high data usage that is being reported since I had the PureFiber installed into my house. My data usage has come close to reaching the soft cap before I start getting over usage charges. I'm not a heavy internet user so ...

Calamoor by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus TV (Pik TV) - CTV and Global channels keep dropping

Since about Friday, seems that all CTV channels and the CTV affiliates (TSN, for example) keep dropping every 2-10 minutes (random timing), kicking me back to the home screen. The same thing happens with the Global BC and Global Okanagan channels. In...

marty0701 by Friendly Neighbour
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Live Guide

Until a few weeks ago, I was able to watch pik TV and change channels using the LIVE GUIDE, but now, it gives an error message stating that I do not have a subscription for the channel (even though I do), and takes me out of live TV and goes to the f...

pepe99 by Just Moved In
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Tv episodes missing

Several TV shows are mussing episodes. Gor example Next level Chef only shows the last epidode coming on June 22nd. I've watched several before but now none are showing. Quantum leap is jyst saying error. Not even showing any episodes or cast info. Y...

Unable to customize Piktv channel list

Since the lastest update I have been unable to customize my channel list to channels I actually have. Now I have to scroll through all the channels I don't have just to get to the 2 or 3 I actually watch. Am I missing something? Or is this yet anothe...

F0xi by Neighbour
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Telus TV+ app shows error

For several weeks now, I've been having problems with the Telus TV+ app displaying video for a few seconds after it starts but then it shows the error "Sorry an error has occurred. Please try again. ERR_PLAYER_P006". Restarting the TV and/or Chromeca...

ToddK by Friendly Neighbour
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