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Optik TV Application not allowing login

Since they changed the Optik iPhone and IPad application I can no longer login. I keep getting username and/or password not recognized. I used to be able to login with the email account that I programed into my PVR, but that login does not work anymo...

Gommee by Just Moved In
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Sportsnet channel

How to cancel the theme pack I purchased before because all the sposts game were cancelled due to covid-19 and I don't like to waste the $16.00 a month. There is no option to remove the additional channel when I log in to my account.Thanks in advance

maryd by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Theme Packs

I'm thinking on switching to Telus and i'm trying to shop online. The theme packs on the online store both on a desktop and mobile don't seem to be loading them all. Does anyone know where to find a current list? Or more specifically what pack the Hi...

Steve337 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bluetooth headphone pairing

Can you use the bluetooth feature on vip5662w to use bluetooth headphones. And are headphone and tv sound both available with their own volume control. Polecat

polecat by All-Star
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Can I use my previous PVR?

Greetings, I'm moving. I was planning on bringing my PVR to the new location because it has hundreds of TV shows on it. However, the Telus technician said that since my previous address was copper, it won't work at the new location, which is fibre. I...

Shane by Leader
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Can A Telus Wireless Optik Box Pair With A Telus Booster?

I am trying to pair my Telus Wireless Optik box (model IPV5050)to my new Telus Booster.The Telus Wireless Optik box and Telus Booster go thru the pair cycle but do not end up connecting.Does anyone know if an Optik Wireless Optik box can even pair wi...

RyanRyan by Just Moved In
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I was told that I could have YouTube in my spare room , for which I think when Telus upgraded my pvr in my family he gave me to understand that I would be able to watch in the spare room too, however,i now get a message saying need to upgrade your bo...

Francisco by Just Moved In
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Search across on-demand/Netflix/YouTube

Why does Optik still not allow you to search across all content sources (Live Tv, On Demand, YouTube App , Netflix)?Shaw BlueCurve has been doing this for 2 years.Come in telus ! Release an update already.

Ss_blake by Connector
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Can I switch the box to wi-fi?

Hello, I've been trying to reach Telus Support on the phone for a few days, but haven't been successful so far, the waiting time is too long (understandably, given the scenario). The chat agents are not available. Maybe someone here might be able to ...

Vini by Helpful Neighbour
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Free preview BBC World News, ch 821, not working

BBC World News, channel 821, is listed on the free preview page, yet it is not active at our house. I've power-cycled modem, PVR, and set-top boxes, without any joy. Ideas?