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PVR Not Sharing recordings

In my home, there are 3 boxes, one main PVR and two others. When recording, it shows upcoming recordings on all 3. But once recording is complete it is only available to watch on one of them. How do I fix this?

mew28 by Just Moved In
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making theme pack changes

I can never get the website to work when wanting to make theme pack channel changes. The site just spins and spins. Is there a trick to get the website to load for making changes?

Pollock by Neighbour
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Resolved! How to Delete the Telus Optik TV Startup Menu?

Some time ago a goofy menu started showing up each time I turn the TV on, instead of just going to the last channel I had on. Then it went away and I was real happy about that. Now it has come back. How do I get rid of this thing? I know what channel...

RonAKA by Rockstar
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Recording series

Why are some series not able to be recorded yet an individual show of said series can be?

Sous by Just Moved In
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Too Many Channels - How to Simplify?

I'd love to eliminate the channels that we don't get so I can easily find the channels we do get.. Is there a way to set this up? Looked through all guides, remote functions, etc and can't find how to do this. Sure hope it's possible! Thank you!

Resolved! Formula1

Cannot find the channel for the racing Formula1 on Optic Tv, please help?!

Parisfr64 by Just Moved In
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modem t3200m is offline

In my wifi app, the status of the modem t3200m is offline but we still have access to the internet. However, I find the connection is slow. What should I do?