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Missing Episodes in VOD Library

Hi folks. We know you're passionate about your favourite show(s) and rely on the VOD library to catch up on or re-watch your episodes. We recognize certain episodes may not be as ready as you are so we'd like to enlist your help in flagging them. Sho...

dru by Community Manager
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Cannot watch Telus Optic TV on a Computer

After signing in to Telus Optic (in BC) on my Macbook and selecting a channel the content is shown but is frozen. (Tonight it happened when I wanted to watch a baseball game on channel 911.) If it were a video it is though it is stuck on a single fra...

Cancelling a Telus Home Service Contract Before Installation

Hello, A Sales Agent earlier roamed around my neighborhood for signups and promised that the discounts will be applied in my bill including the 25% multi home discount if I signed up for 2 year TV/Internet contract which I did. He said the bill will ...

Voice Remote which works with Optik?

Wondering if there is any voice remote which will work with Optik? I know Bluesky uses an XR11, but don't know if this (or any other voice remote) will work with Optik. Of note, I do not (and as a cyber security guy, will not) use Alexa or Google Ass...


I can see that you have already been asked this question numerous times but; Telus seems to be avoiding giving any form of an answer. When is Telus going to offer MeTV to there channel line up in Alberta. It is one of the better stations out there, a...

Buzzbee by Just Moved In
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WARNING - MLB Extra Innings rip off - borderline fraudulent

This baseball season I elected to pay a premium for Telus' MLB Extra Innings ($200 vs $130 for MLB.tv). To date I've been mostly satisfied with Optik TV, and thought the convenience of having it on the TV box would justify the extra $70. Instead this...

shane800 by Just Moved In
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Mute stops when paging in guide

I have a Slimline 2 remote. Had it for years. Has worked fine for years.Suddenly a bug has developed that when I mute the tv, go into the guide and then scroll the guide the volume returns.It never goes the other way with a wayward muting. Just unmut...

PoCoGuy by Neighbour
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Optik TV app for Sony Android TV

what happened to the Optik TV app on the Sony Android TV ? it just disappeared over the weekend. Now we only see the pik TV app. Is the optik TV app gone for good or will it be brought back ? I called Sony and they do not know what happened. We calle...

brianb1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Optik TV box Freezes and Restart

Hello, can someone please help me with my Telus Optik Box issue? Whenever we do fast forward with our Telus Optik TV it freezes and the 4K box shut off for about 10-15mins then turn on again. Telus technician came already and did a diagnostic test an...

JessM by Neighbour
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Telus on demand issues

Almost everytime I pause an on demand show it breaks and I have to restart the show. And then I can't fast forward so I sit and wait until I catch up. I've gotten the box swapped already, it has a direct ethernet connection and we have 1gb. Any ideas...

Anybody using Optik TV with alternate ISP?

Wondering if it is possible to use Optik TV with an alternate internet provider? We currently have 25Mbps DSL for the TV and internet and Telus has no plans to install fiber into our neighborhood (rest of the town has it though). We installed Starlin...