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Free TV Gift

Hello, How long does it take for Free TV Gift to arrive at my location? Also will it be delivered to home or Telus store for a pick up? Will we get a tracking number once it's shipped? Thanks,

shan786 by Neighbour
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adding/changing channels

Can you omit a channel from one bundle and replace it with one from another bundle?

Reneeaz by Coach
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Channels questiion

What is the Movie Central 4 pack on our set up install sheet?

Reneeaz by Coach
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How often does your Optik TV freeze or pixelate?

Switched about 3 weeks ago from Bell Satellite TV to Telus Optik TV. While at times it is more often and other times infrequent, I would estimate that the picture freezes and/or pixelates about once per hour of viewing time. How does that compare to ...

RonAKA by Rockstar
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Weather Network HD

Was wondering if this channel will ever become HD? I know Bell and Shaw both carry it.

Watino by Organizer
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Turning off TV and per box

I have my remote sync with my TV an box, I can turn both on with a click of the button but when I hit the power off button only the TV turns off not the box.Any suggestions/thoughts

Mekano by Friendly Neighbour
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Stingray Music

When will we be able to strem Stingray on our laptops/desktops.  

Yecats by Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik issue's

I'm having issue's with my optik tv and internet. Basically the internet drops/tv loses signal periodically through out the day. Normally it's only 10 seconds give or take, but it usually goes on for an hour or two and then stops and is usually fine ...

Series list completely cleared for the 3rd time

So, I noticed my shows not recording tonight. I went and checked the series list and saw that they were all there but nothing was scheduled to record (even though shows should've been recording at that time). I restarted the box and checked the serie...

Shaftell by Neighbour
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