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TELUS TV User Experience Research Group

Dearest Neighbours, Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, we’ve been working hard at implementing your valuable feedback! We’ve gotten to know some of you through this forum, especially the regular community con...

Resolved! Optik TV Bulletin Board: Discover, Discuss, and Develop

Dear Neighbours, We’re the TV Product Development team, and we strive to bring you a continuously improving TV service and experience that fits your needs. Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, our business and ...

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Stingray Music App Optik Wireless Box

The Stingray Music app on both my Optik wireless boxes (IPV5050) for the last few weeks doesn't work. It works fine on my main wired PVR box. Upon launching the app I get the spinning wheel then "User session could not be initialized: network error"....

macdian by Just Moved In
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Gift tv 3 month wait

I wish TELUS would have sent out an email with regard to the fact that there is a 3 month wait on the gift tv, I have not received any notifications about this as I read it was supposed to be 2-3 week time frame.

Asarg by Just Moved In
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BC1 News Should Not Be a Paid Channel

Channel 845 was free in March and April 2020 during COVID; 01 May it became paid. What an opportunistic and appalling move during our pandemic, where a trusted news source is of the utmost importance. Oh, and when I issued a complaint about this, a r...

Kianmo by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik TV App

I have recently logged on to my Optik TV App and although I see my Recordings, I am unable to play them. Is there something I am doing wrong? I can got through the guide and see any channel i am subscribed to no problem. I also get this message about...

Resolved! Crave app and website not letting me login with TELUS account

Our crave app on our phones and the Crave website won’t let us login in any longer. It keeps saying our Optik TV username or password is incorrect but it’s not. I can login to optik TV with my username and password no problem, but not Crave while usi...

Eppic by Just Moved In
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Optic TV Channel 845 Global BC1

Hi Telus people, We have been watching and recording Optic TV channel 845 (Global BC1 News), especially during the pandemic; it still shows on the Guide listing but 'doesn't work'. Does anybody know what's happened?? Thanks,Jim

JimB1 by Just Moved In
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Is there some sort of RE-set on the Cisco box? It has all the lights lit up including “record” but the tv says no signal.

Terry51 by Just Moved In
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Optik tv, soundbar and netflix

Hi all, any help is greatly appreciated. I have Optik, box model vip5662w, 4K, and a sharp tv with 2 HDMI ports, and I bought a new Samsung soundbar, a hw-r50c/zc. I’m about as far from a tech person as one can get. The tv doesn’t have apps on it, so...

Adanac35 by Just Moved In
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hi I have the CRAVE HBO packageDo I pay extra to watch CRAVE HBO on the demand channel

Ulf by Just Moved In
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The Weather Network New App on 9128

Does anyone know how to stop the Weather Network App from loading when you access channel 9128? I found that you cannot pause this channel unless you exit the App from the Left menu.

Benji by Neighbour
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