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Crave TV - Can't Find Discovery Canada's Frontier

When we got Telus, we also subscribed to Crave. But when I go to the Crave Channel on Optik TV, I can't find Frontier. My old subscription to Crave has this show - but I can't find it on Optik Crave. I also can't find a way to do a general search on ...

Chrisps by Neighbour
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View calls made

Greetings, Can I view the long distance calls I've made since my last biil? I've already signed up for My Telus, but I can't find this feature. Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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Another Price Increase

Greetings, A few months ago I asked if Telus if they would raise the price during a "contract". They said that they wouldn't, so I signed up for a two year contact. Since then, I always check the bill's fine print to see if they try to sneak somethin...

Shane by Leader
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Reasonable consistant pricing, what happened to it?

Just reaching out to Express my disappointment with being forced to cancel all of my telus services today. For 2 plus years I have had to call in every few months and wait on hold and use my time just to try to convince telus to honour their pricing....

Staples by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Utility Box

I have a concrete TELUS service box in the middle of my driveway. It has sunk about 4" below grade. Who can I call to have this fixed? Thanks

Wooly by Neighbour
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Sign up discount

Hi, Could someone help me understand the discount term below? What is the $450 discount? TELUS Internet 300/300$250 One Time Customer Discount$200 One Time Customer DiscountSave for 24 months promoSave for 24 months promoService Agreement on High Spe...

kchow by Neighbour
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TELUS Customer Service and Billing Inquries

This is not a question, but actually my own personal feedback through my experiences working with TELUS customer service representatives (CSRs). I also want to state that I do not represent TELUS or have worked with them in any capacity in the past s...

dchang by Neighbour
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Webmail - Network Error

Having issues login in, keep getting network error.On some occasions if I do manage to log in it webmail gets stuck and just hangs saying loading and wont respond. Cleared cache,history,disk clean up, etc, reboot.What I have noticed over the past wee...