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Satellite Remote control

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Remote died but I have 3 total in the house, so I tried to sync a different one to a box and tried following the online instructions but to no avail. Need help

Community Power User
Community Power User

You followed these instructions?


Program your remote for your receiver

  1. Ensure that your television is turned on and is connected to the receiver
  2. On the front of the receiver, press the Sys Info button
  3. On your remote control , press and hold SAT until the SAT, VCR and AUX buttons light up
  4. Release the SAT button, and it will begin to flash
  5. Choose a random number from 1 to 16 and enter it on the remote. This will reset the frequency used by the remote to communicate with the receiver
  6. Press the # button
  7. Press Record. The Remote Address field on the System Info screen (on your television) will show the frequency number you selected
  8. Using the arrow keys navigate to Done on your TV screen and select Enter on your remote