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For a teleCOMMUNICATIONS telus's communications....not very good...?

Just Moved In

I jumped on one of the promos for Gigabit fibre and TV, having one telus mobility user already in the house.  

Communications I've tried to have with telus:

1. Change one of the theme packs.

Answer: just go online. (Nope, won't work).  Or use the app (same - get an error message). Try chat (over an hour...gave up). Phone call - got someone in about 20minutes. But I could barely hear him - I immediately asked him to speak louder and/or move the microphone closer to his mouth and his volume went from all the way from a D- to at best, a C+. (yay)

He said he did what I asked (drop Prime Time theme pack, pick up TimeShift). Gave me a order confirmation number - should happen in a few minutes...and hour at most. Nope. Six hours later, still hasn't happened. Rebooted everything at least twice.


2. Link accounts - see the same flow chart above.

But, with the added bonus, that telus doesn't bother to have customer service after 9pm. Even though right below that, it says "technical support available 24/7"...but with zero instructions on how to access the aforementioned "technical support".


3. Online chat to find out how to control my Slingbox or program a universal remote to control the boxes (if it's even possible).  Same completely useless online chat. Never get a human.


4. Oh - even my installer. One of the boxes wasn't being recognized by the system, so the installer (good guy - knew his stuff) quickly puts in the call to HQ (or whatever) to get the box initialized or authorized or whatever was needed....and even HE was on hold for a good 15 minutes.


And to everyone who might say, "well, there's the COVID", I'd say....if there's one thing that has NOT seen a big downturn (and I'd imagine quite the opposite) during the last few months, it's TV and internet usage.  So, COVID, schmovid - by now, the big telco's should have things figured out with reconfigured workflows and WFH and whatever.


Other people having better success?  Did I just hit a summer Friday afternoon when everyone had a foot out the door on the way to the (appropriately-distanced) beach?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Linking of accounts is general support, not technical support. Tech support is for services not working, not account, billing, or package choice.


Telus does not offer support for non-Telus hardware, such as Slingbox or other manufacturers remotes.


Yup, even the installers sometimes have to wait for their Tech support, particularly if a bunch have to access it at the same time. Finding the perfect balance between supply and demand is a challenge.


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