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How to ban Telus Marketing Calls

Friendly Neighbour

Everyday I get marketing calls from Telus on either my landline or cell. Ive asked these agents in India many times to take me off their list, but these people are only following a call sheet. They don’t decide who to call nor can they remove a number from the list…or so they say. 

Im getting to a point where I’m considering leaving Telus over this. It’s become so disruptive and aggressive. I own every Telus product, yet they want to always upsell me something I don’t need. Greedy and desperate in my opinion. 


Anybody else had this problem, any suggestions who to contact to get my name off Telus’ **bleep**ty call lists?




Community Power User
Community Power User

You can call 310-1000 (Press 1, Press 1) works in AB, BC and have your number removed.