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Resolved! Where do I get a pin to order on demand

I am trying to purchase a on demand movie and it keeps telling me my pin is incorrect. I have done everything the instructions tell me and no where do I get an option to enter a rental pin .

Caskelton by Just Moved In
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Cancel contract

i would like to know how telus can cancel a person's contract with out notification and by a some one that give the wrong address? Has this happen to any one else, I would like to under stand this.

Rg1 by Neighbour
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Land line outage

Our home phone has now been out for almost 2 weeks and nothing seems to be happening. What recourse can a person take to get Telus to do something about it?

Janzen1 by Just Moved In
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Worst customer service I've ever seen.

Why are you so terrible at customer service? chat: Virtual chat useless; can't answer complex issues. Live chat 50+ No replytelephone: over an hour wait in person sales agent: may have lied to my face but can't speak to anyone to confirm...

Emby5703 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Usage Alerts

Greetings, I seem to remember seeing the ability to set internet usage alerts. Am I remembering this correctly? I can't find this option anymore. Telus has disabled the app for BlackBerry, so I can't use that any more. Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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Phishing popup

After spending 2 hours yesterday with Support, changing password, doing scan, going thru every conceivable possibility, everything seemed fine. But no, today my Phishing popup is back ! Is anyone else getting this message...."Your Telus account setti...

Resolved! How to get Telus to return my calls re: damage they did to my power line installing Fibre Optics?

Last summer Telus intalled Fiber Optics in my area and Boxing Day, I lost power to my home. When EPCOR repaired the line, they showed me how the Telus line was sitting on the damaged EPCOR power line. They were supposed to be nowhere near the existin...

Job Application Question

Hello!I have recently been thinking about applying to join the Telus retail team, however, when I do try to fill out an application it rejects it because I am not 18. My question is, why do I have to be 18 to apply for this job, and could there perha...