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West lock fiber

what's the scoop with apartments and condos in Westlock getting connected to tells fiber

steve3327 by Just Moved In
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Think iv been disconnected. But I can't get gold of anyone to pay it and I don't have the 4 digit no needed to pay online/fone.Please advice

Paulsduff by Just Moved In
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telus billing service

I have been happy with telus customer service for years, what is going on now? I called twice today for billing assistance and was on hold for more than 30 min in the morning - had to hang up and go do other things. Now this evening I was on hold for...

Rik by Just Moved In
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Pay bill through my bank

Trying to pay my bill through online banking. Site won't accept my account number. What do I do

Tostitos by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Free tv gift

Just wondering how long it usually takes to receive the free tv gift?

Clindsey by Just Moved In
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Optik tv not showing up on my account

Hi, I just got my optik tv set up today and I need to add/remove channels that I have. I was just wondering how long the optik tv will take to show up on my account so I can make the changes. Right now it's only showing that I have telus internet and...

Optik tv

Our optik tv couldn't connect to our actual tv

Terrible experience after adding additional services

I've been a loyal telus customer for many years for my mobility account. I rarely have problems and have always found them helpful. However, I decided to add their internet service and it has been nothing but a huge unhelpful stressful mess. The firs...