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No connection;

Hello! My concern is my wireless internet. Since yesterday morning I don't have connection until now. I just got my box last April 6, 2020 and yet my billing is up now and no connection for more than 24 hours. How come? I've email the support team si...

Cylina by Just Moved In
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Having problems accessing my rewards page

Good morning.After logging into MyTelus Home page, I clicked on "Go to your Rewards Account" linkOn the resulting page, I clicked on the green "Access your Rewards" buttonOn the resulting page, titled Terms and Conditions, I click on the green "Accep...

Artiecon by Organizer
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Telus optic box stops working then works again

I rent a basement suit landlord lives upstairs . Cable is included in my rent but lately my cable box shuts off for few hrs or till next day no lan light I might get a power light might . Can my landlord be controlling my box turning it off and so I ...

Bcgal1970 by Just Moved In
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Overdue account

I was recently contacted about paying a 10 year old account. How do I get more info on account? All they have is my name an account number and an amount. I know I am not the only person in this world with my name, I can find phone numbers on line for...

AJjr by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pay-per-minute long distance

I would like to confirm that there is no monthly charge for the "Pay-per-minute long distance" add-on. You pay only for the minutes that you actually use the add-on..

normvcr by Neighbour
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Can't access my billing information...long time customer.

When I login to view my bill I get this message: "Your first bill isn't ready yet. We'll let you know by email and/or text when it's available" Normally my bill would be due about now and I would have received an e-mail notification. I cannot find an...

FuzzyLogic by Community Power User
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Pay friends home bill from my own account

I want to pay my friends home tel bill through my account?I am unable to find MAKE PAYMENTS when i am in my account. Where is it?Thank you

sv by Just Moved In
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Can't set up mytelus for my internet service?

So I just got the first bill for my internet service, and I'm trying to set it up online with my telus. I'm a previous telus customer who previously had internet with telus, with zero problems (had to stop because I moved). I have my account number, ...

sassa by Just Moved In
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