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Transfer existing Telus email address to someone else's account?

Just Moved In

My aunt is moving in with me and so she no longer needs her current Telus internet/account. However, she needs to keep her Telus email. 

Is she able to transfer her current Telus email to my Telus account, and have private access to it? OR will she have to pay the monthly fee to keep her current Telus email? 



Community Power User
Community Power User

AFAIK, she can pay a lower monthly fee just to retain the email address. I doubt it can be rolled into another account, though.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

Technically GMail supports this. Not sure if Telus will though. According to this post it's $7 a month for email only:


Wanting to keep Telus email address after cancelin... - TELUS Neighbourhood


Unfortunately I don't see any info on this on the Telus website so you would need to talk to Telus as things may have changed.


A possible option would be to cancel her account and then add the email address to your existing account as an alias via the email options under MyTelus. The issue will be how long (or if) Telus releases her email address. Again you would likely need to work with Telus to ensure this goes as planned.


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