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Telus Reward "Special" Bonus flaws

I just got a flyer in the mail letting me know about Telus Rewards. It says that if I activate my Rewards account I will get 30 points. What it doesn't say is that those 30 points are actually "Bonus" points as described below: According to https://w...

SunDog by Connector
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home phone 2 go

Can anyone tell me. Will the 2 go phone work when i go to Alberta from BC. Also what would the cost per month be ? I have a Samsung J 3 may not work? I know your home phone has to be on fiber. But does it only work in your own town.

polecat by All-Star
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This is not a comment or a request. This is a statement. The first time you do not send me a monthly paper bill with a clear and complete breakdown of all charges, all changes and time frames of charges and changes, my contract with Telus BC is ended...

gonet1 by Just Moved In
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A thank you letter to telus

Dear telus, I truly apreciate how difficult you made cancelling my apointment. Its great knowing that i have to wait an hour on a waiting list just to call in and the fact that because i was told to call a different number and i falsly presumed it wa...

Gaarm by Just Moved In
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Resolved! phoney text that says its from telus

i have received this phoney text that says its from telus regarding bill payement problem .who can i send a copy too my account is and always is current up to date thanks merv stanley

My Channel

For the past 4 months, every month a Mature Channel is added to my subscription without my permission. No one has access to my password or Telus account & I have had to change my password every month but it happens again.Anyone else had such an issue...

machel by Just Moved In
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