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ZTE MF275R Smart Hub

Just Moved In

I signed up for this service and for 3 months all was good, connection started to lose speed but was still acceptable.

Nine months is when the problems really started, service would drop off to 700Mhz = to slow speed and would not reconnect to the 2100

band without a reboot. Service fix was to give me another smart hub, not a repair of mine. The replacement hub lasted 2 weeks and same thing as before , service degradation and a reboot required to get it back up to speed. Telus's fix was to give me hub number 3 a new one, it took 3 reboots to get it to run on 2100 band. This one runs more on 4G and 3G  than on LTE. I put a Yagi antenna on to boost my signal to try and improve my service, no luck there, I still get degradation of the signal. There engineer couldn't explain why the smart hub would  reduce the signal when the tower is supposedly sending out a strong signal, and the smart hub is setup by ZTE and they can't change it, his lame conclusion was that it must be something in the air that is causing this. I personally think these hubs are the cheapest Telus could buy for maximum profit and are a cause of a lot of the problems and there oversaturation of the towers. I am still trying to get this rectified so I can watch a movie over the net, I currently get more  buffering than I care to think about. Unfortunately they are the only game in town I can use other than satellite and I have been there. I am out of warranty and still can't nothing but excuses.