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Upgrading/Preordering Online - New Plan Activation

Just Moved In



I am about to upgrade/Preorder the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 on-line.  My current plan is no longer available and so I will be going to the Unlimited 30.  Current phone has a clear device balance and I am well over the last 2 yr contract/Commitment.


When does the new plan begin?  When I activate the new phone on delivery or as soon as I pre-order/upgrade on-line?


If at the time of pre-order/upgrading on-line, is it better to upgrade as close to the end of my current phone bill period or doesn't it make any difference?  I have 10 days left in the current billing cycle.


My husband currently shares data on my existing plan.  He is not upgrading - Am I correct in assuming he will automatically share my new data from the new plan and nothing else will change in terms of his billing?  If not what do I do or, will I be prompted to do something during my preorder/upgrade process.