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“Unlimited” Data Plans


Rogers is upping their game. Curious if/when Telus follows suit. Info is limited on rogers website but Mobile Syrup says it includes voice and text.

Hello @giantbrownguy

I doubt Telus would match this. They don't include Voice + text + data together as one package. You have to get voice and text as one and then data as another package which makes it more difficult for its customers.

$90 for voice and text and $65 for 22GB of data.

I just hope Telus follows or else I'll be cutting one of my 3 lines and taking it over to Rogers for this.

They just made a comment about BYOB plans instead to compete. I think Telus isn't all there...

I think they would hope people remain ignorant of what Rogers is offering. It would be interesting to see if this $75 promo includes voice. Regardless, the Rogers plan makes a strong case for switching. I could see heavy data users moving, since service reliability is better than Freedom.

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Looks like Rogers has found a way to use their legacy 2G network.....


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Hello @NFtoBC

Doesn't mean anything really. Atleast Rogers is doing something.... What has Telus done recently that has surprised it's customers and WOWed them?. Nothing. They copied what everyone else was doing and charges more. Their plans are ridiculous high, barely any data in any of them unless u get charged through the roof, they barely have any promotions ( they have the same ones as every other carrier).

Telus needs to learn to start moving forward to new technology / new plans. If they fail to do that, then don't be a provider at all...

They still have major flaws where a customer has a past due of let's say $100 and their new bill is $300, a text and email will immediately tell you that u own $400 and have to pay by that date. No one at Telus cares to fix this false information / advertising but their upper management has said that it's a issue.

Telus doesn't show that they want to move forward. It's always backwards. And here I though Telus was a great carrier 🤷‍:male_sign:🤦‍:male_sign:

Apparently 256kbps qualifies as 3G, according to another Mobile Syrup article.

Freedom drops to 128 kbps for uploading, qualifying as 2G.

That is what most don't seem to realize.  What they consider as, "data", and what we use as LTE, they classify as different.  People will still pay for x amount of LTE data but anything used beyond that will be throttled or pushed down to 3G/2G speeds, essentially making it useless for most things we use our devices for on a daily basis.  

Hello @Syaoran

Thanks but I already knew that. However 3G speeds aren't so bad unless you are a hardcore streamer. Even then use WiFi.

Rogers at least pulled this and did it. What had Telus done?. Telus is still putting out cute animal commercials instead of being different and bringing out something else to the table.

I like the Telus advertising honestly.  Then again, I also like T-Mobile USA's advertising as well.  Why?  Because it's different in their own unique ways.  With Telus, the "Future is friendly" might sound welcoming but a superior experience also costs more.  Bell markets and holds senior citizens hostage and Rogers is well known as Robbers for a bunch of reasons.  Yes, Canada could do a heck of a lot better for pricing and competition but that isn't going to happen any time soon.  Bell and Rogers are great at playing the victim when it comes to the mumbling of any potential competition.  This is why we aren't lucky enough to have T-Mobile in Canada like we should have back in the second half of 2011.  


Why else would you need unlimited data if you aren't streaming, downloading plenty of huge files to consume content to watch on the go, stream and download music and so on?  E-mails only consume so much data.  MMS messages usually don't eat up much data either unless you sent loads of them.  The whole convenience of the illusion of unlimited data is that you can do what you want with your device without the worry of some ridiculous bill coming in at the end of the month.  Canada doesn't offer any plans like my T-Mobile US plan, where what they call, "Unlimited data" through T-Mobile One, is up to 50GB before you can potentially be throttled.  Canadian networks would come to a crawl if we had those kinds of plans for $40 a month!  It isn't that the networks can't be made to handle it, but it's because the two companies are too darn cheap to spend the money to better their networks!  What reason do they have to better their services when they are both just as bad as the other?  


I am all for better and cheaper plans that offer more!  I pay more for my Telus line than I do for mine and my girlfriend's T-Mobile lines combined and get a heck of a lot more for it too.  Toronto being Canada's largest city and it doesn't even have reliable cell phone service!  Once you hit a tunnel, that's it!  it's like we live in a third world country at times, but until Canadian's are willing to do without to get better.  Then we are stuck with the third class service at luxury 1% prices.  

Hello @giantbrownguy

Agreed. Anyone that is a high data user will wait for a couple weeks. If Telus doesn't jump or offer something, they will go. A BYOB option is very SILLY at most and a slap to their customers face. However u have fan boys that will try and make it seem like Telus isn't like that ( which every carrier has)

Guess Telus heard the noise. Looks like the limited speed is 512 kbps.