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Telus payee name incorrect?

Just Moved In

When I go to pay my phone bill the Telus webpage lists the Payee name as TELUS Mobility.Mobilite however when I log on to my bank there are no results for that name. I contacted support and they said what I was looking for is TELUS Mobility Inc as a Payee. Should I select TELUS Mobility Inc and proceed or is something wrong? 



Hi there, I'm sometimes having similar issues whenever I'm adding a new bill to my bank application. I'll add the one that makes more sense and I'll pay $1. Few days after, I'll go have a look and see if the $1 shows on my account. If it does, I have the right name and if not, I'll do an online search but most of the time it works. I was once told by my electric company that it's the account number that is the most important.