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Telus and AppleCare

Just Moved In

I recently purchased a new iPhone and renewed my contract with Telus.  Prior to receipt of my new phone, I received an email stating that my existing AppleCare coverage had been cancelled.  I still have yet to be given a date that I can expect to receive my phone.  My concern is obviously that if something were to happen to my phone between this cancellation notice and receipt of my new phone, would I be responsible to cover the costs of an issue that would normally be covered by AppleCare?  Given that I did not cancel the existing AppleCare policy, I would be of the belief that my policy, which I had paid for during the tenure of my contract, would be valid, yet, after calling Telus I have been told that since my policy was cancelled, I no longer have AppleCare on my device.  I am not sure if this relates to billing or or other issues, but it is something that clearly needs to be addressed and resolved by Telus to avoid potential future conflict.