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Telus Mobility Service question


At our work we recently signed over to Telus Mobility from Rogers Wireless (I'm sure someone is getting a nice cruise or something out of it) but talk about a cluster**bleep**.

I work in IT, and it seems that Telus is having to install Wireless Repeaters in our office towers (in the East at least not sure about the West) because they're having issues with their signals dropping on cell phones. ie. I can be in an elevator and the call will drop, I can be in parts of the building and a call will drop, I can hope on the GO train and signal will drop.

Thing is Rogers and Bell, to my understanding, do not have wireless repeaters anywhere so why does Telus have to do this? Also, most people use their blackberries when they're not in the office so how does installing Wireless Repeaters in a building solve the issue of bad wireless elsewhere?

I understand that Telus owns 800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies across Canada are these different frequencies than Rogers 3G or Bell 3G? Seems to me that Telus is really dropping the ball here not sure if anyone else can speak on experiences with this?