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Smart Hub Question

Just Moved In

I have a Telus smart Hub in my home for internet service.  Yesterday i picked up another smart hub in a telus store and told them it was for my RV which most would understand to be a non fixed service.


I set up the hub in the RV today and once activated got the following email;


Thank you for choosing TELUS High Speed Internet with Smart Hub.

Now that your Smart Hub service is activated, we would like to remind you that TELUS High Speed Internet with Smart Hub is a fixed internet connection that can only be used at your designated service location.

In the event that your Smart Hub moves from this designated location, your internet service will be blocked.


I called but it is an hour wait - Can anyone tell me if the hub can be used as a portable internet connection in an RV?




Friendly Neighbour

Telus told me that if you've signed up for the "Rural Smart Hub" service, you cannot port the modem; it will only work when accessing the tower nearest to the location you registered with.

Community Power User
Community Power User

To add to @jtg575 's reply, not all cellular towers can accommodate the Smart Hub, thus the reason for lack of ability to move between locations. If you want a mobile solution, you would need to purchase a mobility plan.


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