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Service quality

I pay 400 a month for 3 phones to barely have service I live 2 hours north of edmonton. Many dead spots between Athabasca and Slave Lake. North of Slave lake good luck on service. Why are we upgrading to 5g when you can't even get LTE to operate properly with the amount of customers on it??
I have checked out my phone, I have switched Sim cards. Yet still crappy service. My niece can videochat. I barely can put out a text. Been a customer since 1999. And service still sucks. Maybe time for new provider.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If your niece is getting better service in the same locations as you, you could compare why, and adjust accordingly. Switching providers may not help, as many towers are co-located.


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Is your niece on Telus or a different carrier? If she is also on Telus then the issue is your phone.


When you switched SIM cards did you get a new SIM or just tested with someone else's SIM? Try swapping SIM cards with your niece and see if the service quality is associated with the phones or the SIMs.


You say you have 3 phones. Do they all have poor service?