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Samsung S10e Wifi calling issue- Expired Page


I am trying to enable wifi calling for my new S10e phone. I can successfully enable it, however, when it asks my cell number to register it, it doesn't work and says: "Page Expired: The page you are trying to access is no longer available". any ideas?

My android is updated to the last available version and I've already restarted my cell.



Got it. I was running into the same issue on my Galaxy S8. Page expired upon pressing continue when I entered in the number. I had to switch to the french version by tapping on the FR at the top right, entered in my phone number, hit continue and then entered the code I received. I was able to proceed to where I could enter my 911 address and then I could turn it on. I tried replicating this but the page expired when I tried receiving the code in french again. Probably not able to reinitialize once it is enabled. I don't know why it's broken like this in the first place. Sure would be great if some enterprising support would chip in with their insight as to why we even have to deal with this garbage. But I digress. I hope this helps you.

Thanks for your reply.


I actually called telus tech support and explained my problem. They linked my number to something, I don't exactly know, in their own system. After that I was able to receive Wifi required code as message and everything worked great after that.