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SMS vocalization on land lines (Telus ignores them instead)

Some mobility operators like Bell will vocalize an SMS if mistakenly sent to a land line. Telus just ignores the message and you don't even get notified the message was lost. Where can I ask for this improvement?

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Community Power User

A decision was made in 2016 to cease offering this product.

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It's not because a service was not used often that it's not useful. Silently ditching a message is poor service from a communications business. The day someone erroneously sent me an SMS on my land line, I was very relieved it was from Bell and I could get the message. But since my house never caught fire, maybe I should cancel my insurance?

It is not their job to know when a phone is mobile and when it is not.  That's your job.  What happens with Rogers when it is mistakenly sent to a land line is they charge you a service charge for the landline message sent.  Quite frankly, I'd rather it was ignored.


Although you have somewhat of a point, it is certainly not top of the list of things to fix.

Anything of importance that needs to be sent via SMS has a verification process. When I set up any 2FA or notification service over SMS there is always a step with a verification SMS message. I doubt anything even remotely important would exist without a verification step. SMS to a land line a non-issue as far as I'm concerned.

The above was about why I think it's not needed.

This is one reason it's not wanted. Spam SMS. Last thing I need is voice spam from SMS on my land line.