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How do I troubleshoot slow internet speed on the Telus SmartHub, hard wired or wifi connection?


I have a Huawei 4G router Litecat6 B612 (whatever that means). Anyway my internet speed has dropped from 10 to 15 D/L speeds to 0.5 to 2! It is the same whether I test a hard wired PC or a cell phone. Could the weather be an issue? It's -31C right now (-40with windchill).


I tried unplugging the modem and that did nothing. Any suggestions? Anyway to give this speed a boost?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What happens if you move the device elsewhere inside your house, or to another (warm) location?


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Actually my modem is in the house in the best location it can be. I have 3 bars for the signal out of 5. I thought the cold weather might be affecting the cell tower.