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Data charges

I'm curious, when I renewed my my cell phone a few months back I was given a new plan. I was also told I wouldn't incur overage charges that my data would revert to 3G. Did this change? I just received a text saying if we use any more data that this account will be charged 50$.

We have 2 cell phones.

I am on the 10 GB peace of mind plan.
My wife is on a loyalty plan.
I turned my data off.

A few years back I bought a new phone but my plan wasn't high enough to qualify for getting it 0 down. The sales rep ended up switching a few things around and ever since then our account has been a mess. It's hard to explain.

Thanks for the fast response!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @JJ81 ,


I'm not sure why my previous reply was removed, but I am happy you were able to turn your data off to prevent additional pay-per-use charges.

Thanks for answering the previous questions and turning off your data as suggested from my previous post (which was removed for some reason).

Copy of previous message: 

Data overages are never fun. To help get to the root cause of this charge, there are some questions below to get a better understanding.

How many cellphones are on your account?
Perhaps you are on the unlimited plan, but another subscriber is on a different non-unlimited plan.

"I'm curious, when I renewed my my cell phone a few months back I was given a new plan."

  • Do you know what plan you chose a few months back?
  • What plan do you currently have?


"I was also told I wouldn't incur overage charges that my data would revert to 3G. Did this change?"

  • You are likely referring to the Peace Of Mind plans which have 10GB-50GB of high-speed data, and unlimited throttled data.
    This is still an in-market plan, and is one of the most popular plans.


"I just received a text saying if we use any more data that this account will be charged 50$."

  • Do not reply YES to that message. If you do, you will remove the block, and more charges will apply.
  • This feature is only there if you are in an emergency and need data, or if your okay with pay-per-use charges. Usually there are warnings before receiving this notice. By default, you should receive a 90% warning, and 100% warning recommending a data-top up to prevent additional pay-per use charges. If no top-ups were made, and data use was continued, a notification will be sent when you incur $20 in charges, then $50 in charges. Once the $50 charge hits, TELUS automatically blocks your data to prevent additional usage.


Avoid additional charges - Turn off your data ASAP


Option #1 - My TELUS App or online.

  1. Login to the app or go to the TELUS website and login.
  2. Click the Usage icon
  3. Find the data toggle, and turn it off for every device
    (grey = off, green = on)

Option #2 - Disable data in your phones settings.

   If you have an iPhone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Cellular
  3. Data and turn it off
  4. (grey = off, green = on)

   If you have an Android

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Network & Internet
  3. Mobile Network
  4. Mobile Data and turn it off
  5. (grey = off, green = on)

The Pay-Per-Use data overages makes sense now.

  • You have nothing to worry about on your cellphone since you have Peace Of Mind. It has unlimited throttled data preventing the possibility of data overage fees.

  • Your wife's phone is likely on a limited data plan, and perhaps her lifestyle habits changes this billing cycle and she used more data than normal. Other times, the phone may not be connected to WiFi automatically in your house for a variety of reasons (reception issues, older phone which cannot be updated anymore to fix bugs, etc). 


For your wife's line, you have a few options.

  1. If high data usage is rare for your wife's line, its cheaper to purchase data top-ups from time to time and keep her loyalty plan. This however requires some attention to text notifications, and or monitoring usage using the My TELUS app / online account. TELUS will send multiple text messages to warn about high data usage. There is a 90% warning, and a 100% warning which offers the ability to purchase a top-up. After which, you will notice a $20 charge notification, followed by a $50 charge notification. At the $50 charge, TELUS will automatically block your data to prevent more charges. 

  2. If usage is getting close to the maximum each month, most likely the plan which previously suited her lifestyle may not anymore. Upgrading to the Peace Of Mind plan for your wife would be the cheapest upgrade, while also providing unlimited data, and the savings of never purchasing a data top-up. Plus if she does upgrade to this plan, she is now eligible to get a new device whenever she pleases.


What options do you have for the remaining of the billing cycle before your wife's data limit resets?

  1. Purchase a data top-up - Click Here to learn how to add a top-up.
    If you encounter an error adding it, its likely because the $50 block is stopping you from paying for the top-up. If thats the case, login to your TELUS online account, and call or live chat with TELUS to assist you. 

  2. Change the rate-plan effective immediately (instead of next cycle).
    For example if you were to upgrade to the Peace Of Mind plan, and are 15 days into your billing cycle, your wife will receive half the high-speed data, and will only pay for half the cost of her old plan, and half the cost of her new plan. This is the cheaper option if you are already considering changing the plan in the near future.  


Hopefully that was able to address your concerns 🙂

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