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Child lost IPHONE

Just Moved In
I turned off data to Lost phone
What else should I do? IPhone lost in park

Thanks for your help


If you haven’t tried locating the device with Find my iPhone if turn data on briefly should be able to go to and as long as it was enabled on the phone be able to see where the device is now or if battery has died the last spot it was while still alive.

Thanks for tips both replies

We went back first thing this
Morning and walked the same way and she did last night. And we located the device.

This was a good ale up call for my child. Their phone and it is her responsibility Ir she can buy a new one

Thanks again. Very helpful

Glad mother Jocelyn

Community Power User
Community Power User

Don't forget to turn on "Find my Phone" to simplify the search should another be necessary in the future!


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@JocelynJKPlease follow the steps located here.  Namely you want to pay attention to this step "Suspend service to a lost or stolen device"

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