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Bring it back contract / payment question

Just Moved In
Two questions:

1) I thought I had signed up for the Bring it back Program, however nowhere in my contract does it state that and with 2 months left on my contract I was wondering if I can get assistance with this.

2) Can you pay the remaining balance early and end the contract early without penalty? Or is it best to wait out the next 2 months ?

Thank you.


If login to your MyTELUS account it should show if there is a Bring it Back amount under devices. 


If you do pay off the remaining balance it would effectively end your contract however if you had a device discount you would be required to pay back whatever may be remaining on it whereas if wait out the contract it would be forgiven.


In the MyAccount though should show all the information that would still be owing on the device as seen in the screenshot attached.



It calls it “Telus easy payments” nothing says bring it back …

That would just be the financing on the phone then and if not showing a Bring it Back amount must not have been enrolled in the program if your device qualified for it, so if wanted to upgrade or end your contract would mean just having to pay out the remaining Easy Payment amount and any Device Discount showing if there was one.