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Anyone else told that Telus Hubs are on backorder for THREE WEEKS?

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Ordered a smart hub for my new address a week ago. It still hadn't shipped, so I just spent 45 minutes talking to an agent online who couldn't help me and told me to call the webstore team. So I called them, and they're telling me it will be 3 weeks before they can ship me a smart hub. Combine that with a week before I receive it, and it's going to be a MONTH before I can get internet to my house? Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable, Telus should have enough of these in stock to ship them out at any time.
I was a Telus customer in 2014 and I left due to bad experiences. This is just confirming that they're still not any better. Unfortunately my new address is rural and a smart hub is about my only option for internet services. I hope this company gets their act in order because this is just unreal.
My last two ISP's were CityWest and Shaw.. in both cases they had equipment in my house and working within THREE DAYS

Community Power User
Community Power User

It's entirely possible with the shortages in processors and microchips that there could be a delay in getting new electronics, including the smart hub. Many cell phone manufacturers also have significant delays and can't keep up with orders. Apple and Samsung included. I can imagine ZTE having delays on their smart hubs for the same reasons.

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