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Resolved! Have you ever pre-ordered an iPhone at midnight?

Wondering if anyone has ever pre-ordered an iPhone on launch date. Was it available on the Telus website starting at midnight? If so, was it quick and easy? In the US most carriers update their website at midnight. You can even call some providers at...

c-justice by Helpful Neighbour
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Upgrading Device - Keep current plan?

Hello! I am sure this question has been asked numerous times but I couldn't find a clear answer. I'm going to be updating to the new iPhone when it comes out. My current iPhone's balance has been paid for in full for the past 1.5 years. I currently p...

Alcatel Go Flip wifi issue

The Go Flip will not save my Wifi passwords or any other networks. As soon as I connect to an open network, it forgets my home network, and its password. I have to search and enter its password again. Very annoying

gandof by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does Telus Offer Loaner phones?

Hello, I was wondering if Telus would be able to loan me a phone while my Galaxy S8+ is out for repair. I should mention that I purchased the phone directly at the Samsung Store and it is also being repaired by Samsung, not Telus. But I am without a ...

LG V30 avilability

Hello All,Wondering if the Lg V30 will be carried by Telus.i have looked for the previous V20 but this was not carried by telus.

Note7 by Just Moved In
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Rogers supports wifi calling on the iPhone 5s but Telus does not

I hope I didn't just make a mistake moving over from Rogers to Telus.... Wifi calling is an absolute must where I live, because the cell coverage is so poor. I relied heavily on wifi calling using my iPhone 5s with Rogers. Now I've moved over to Telu...

Murman by Neighbour
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Canada Post has lost my daughters phone

My daughter ordered a phone through telus and Canada Post has told her it is lost. She is told she must wait five more business days and they will tell her the next steps. She has been waiting for delivery for over a month. What will Telus do for her...

Resolved! upgrade

i got my iphone 6s 4 months ago and still have 20 remaining balance can i upgrade it to iphone7 since they offor $0 down payment?

she2306 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Are you guys kidding me? I went to sign up for a preorder and it hasnt been 24 hours on sale yet and you have upped the price by $50? The greed at Telus is outstanding!

RichP by Advocate
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