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Bring it Back. Phone replaced on extended warranty

Just Moved In

I have an iPhone that I bought (leased?) on a Bring it Back plan two years ago. I damaged the back of the phone last year and had it replaced under an extended warranty. So...the phone I am “ Bringing Back” is not the same phone I purchased. It’s the same model, like new. It just has a different serial/IMEI number than the original. Is this going to cause a problem when I take the phone back? 



As long as the device was replaced through TELUS you should be fine. When a device is swapped out for repair it’s updated in the system so they will be able to tell that IMEI is a replacement for the device had taken the Bring it Back out on.


Hello @CJR

That is correct HOWEVER if you replaced the phone from Apple since they most like do all repairs and replacements, Telus can not deny the bring it back. The OP can contact Telus if they and speak to a manager and explain what happened. The manager then can also leave a note saying it's fine and it's done if the store has any issues.