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samsung s10 unable download and reveive msg

Just Moved In
i pucharsed 2 phones, samsumg s10 plus, in june.
since last month, one of the phones had connection issue, unable to download app from google play store, stuck at 99% or waiting for download forever and unable to receive msg and video call on Wechat.

what i have done:
manufacture reset: worked for 2 hours, same issue returned
called samsung support and visited samsumg service center: refresh system worked 2 hours only
visited samsung service center again: replace PBA, worked for 2 hours only
called TELUS, ask me go to service center to fix.again
called Samsung, ask me go to service center

A cell phone has been replaced the PBA, whatelse you can replace rather than replace the phone? BUT samsung warranty only cover fixing not replacing, that is what i was told.

I even tried to switch the account, it is not acct related issue, same issue follows the phone no matter who signed in.

i...really dont know what to say...

Community Power User
Community Power User
Try swapping SIM cards and see what happens.