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Motorolog G Stylus 2020 - MMS Service

Friendly Neighbour

Hi there,


I recently picked up a Motorola G Stylus phone (upgraded from a Samsung J7 2017). Everything works fine, except there is something odd with the MMS messaging. Basically, I can receive MMS messages when I'm not connected to my wifi. But the moment I am, MMS messages will not download at all. Once I disconnect from my wifi, MMS messages will download. Very strange as this was not an issue with my old Samsung phone. Am wondering if anyone else out there with the same phone experienced the same thing or G Pure/G Power users.



Community Manager
Community Manager



Sorry for the late reply! 

This article may be of help to you:

Friendly Neighbour

Thank you, something in that thread did work for me. I tried finding MMS Messages: Send & Receive when mobile data is off, but there is no such setting on this phone (the 2020 version shipped with Android 10). However, if you unhide the developer functions, you will find that there is a setting called Mobile data always active. When I have this turned on, I can receive MMS messages when I'm on wifi.


I should also note, I never had Mobile data turned off at any point. That was always on. But I guess with Android 10 and up, the default behavior is that once you're on a wifi connection it just automatically disables mobile data. Which, I understand why cause, why would you need it on if you're on wifi? It's just too bad MMS messages only send through mobile data.