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How to Downgrade a Mobile Phone Plan?

I wanted to downgrade my mobile phone plan as I changed to a work from a home lifestyle. Currently on the Unlimited mobile plan and I am barely scraping the surface of data. It's more than I need and I'd like to downgrade to either the Essential 6 5G...

meagan111 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Upgrading phone steps

Hello, I am in need of upgrading to new phone. My phone is so old that the SIM card won't fit whichever new phone I will be getting so I will need to change both the phone and SIM card. I've read the instruction regarding swapping SIM card online and...

callmeire by Just Moved In
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Galaxy watch 5 LTE issue

It seems my GW5 "overheats" when making calls using the LTE function. This happens anywhere between 1-3 minutes into a call. The watch is a GW5 pro and only a few months old. It has been in for repair (motherboard, battery and rear sensor replaced) b...

Screenshot_20230620_194002_incallui.png Screenshot_20230620_194133_sysui.png Screenshot_20230620_194259_sysui.png
mjwood by Neighbour
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lost phone

So I lost or my phone got stolen and is no where to be found and must not of had tracking on. I thought I did but my device is offline when I go to look on the Icloud find my device. I've called and asked everywhere it could be as well. Im on a bring...

mattf by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Promotions Scam

Is it safe to safe I've been scammed?This whole thing makes me sick, and I can't believe I didn't clue in..Guy started asking me for a lot of information.. sadly I gave up my drivers license # and pin #.I've changed my PIN and plan on contacting the ...

theblay17 by Just Moved In
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Telus Network Problem

My phone was working perfectly fine today, and then after coming back to it after it had been charging for a couple hours I saw the icon indicating that it's not connected to a mobile network. After trying to troubleshoot it for a while, I found that...

Druuciff by Just Moved In
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Ordering online

I can't get threw to any agents to ask them why they canceled my order, so I want to cancel my order & get my money back since I won't be receiving my phone....