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Email or live chat with a real person account management

We are in Belize and have already suspended (vacation) our phone numbers. We need to speak with a Telus Rep but we just keep getting the bot or a call back option on the chat, which we cannot use while in belize. We need to make some phone calls and ...

Jules2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Vacation suspension

I'm heading for Mexico and Panama for the next few months. Telus wants $30 per month to hold my number. I thought about changing my plan to the cheapest one available but it's still $30. Thinking of porting my number to a VOIP, or just canceling my s...

goat by Just Moved In
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Texting Issue to Rogers?

So far things are going smoothly now with my Motorola G Stylus (2020), however...something I just ran into and was wondering if anyone has had any experience like this. I can text to any of my contacts except for one; he is on a Roger's plan using an...

jhong75 by Neighbour
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"Buy Now" for new mobile device giving error

When trying to purchase a new device the following error continues to occur on the "Set up your device and pick your plan" page. We have tried the process from several locations and the issue persists. ZqVlHjj.jpeg (2560×1390) ( Is there a ...

Changing plan to pre-paid

I want to change from my peace of mind plan to a monthly pre-paid plan to save money but would also like to keep the number I have now how would I do that? Is there a number I'd have to call?

JMBell by Just Moved In
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Phone & Plan Compatibility

I want to get a family member a newer phone and noticed the plans aren’t even ones I know of. The current phone is a 6s, I want to get them the 11 mini. They currently have the Peace Of Mind plan. Worst case I simply buy an unlocked phone for a bit m...

No data in Edmonton?

Has anyone else had no data today? If I am not on wifi I cannot access the internet, send iMessages, access online podcasts or music, etc. Located in Edmonton, AB! I have turned my phone off and on, disconnected and reconnected to data, turned airpla...


I recently purchased an ipad with cellular. My current phone plan as plenty of data. How do I add the ipad to my phone plan?

Jilly83 by Just Moved In
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Motorolog G Stylus 2020 - MMS Service

Hi there, I recently picked up a Motorola G Stylus phone (upgraded from a Samsung J7 2017). Everything works fine, except there is something odd with the MMS messaging. Basically, I can receive MMS messages when I'm not connected to my wifi. But the ...

jhong75 by Neighbour
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Roaming Charges Even with Cellular Turned Off

Need help. I'm currently in Thailand on a 45 day trip. I've had my cellular turned off since I boarded my flight in Vancouver but I just received my latest mobility bill via email. They charged me a $180 fee for Easy Roam (17 days). I was under the i...

draff12 by Neighbour
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