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Prepaid plans

Hello. I am traveling back to Canada in a month to visit family. I'm just wanting a prepaid plan for about 5 weeks only, but I cant find cancellation policies anywhere and don't wanna get stuck with paying alot of money when I leave to go back home. ...

No service for a month. Telus says the problem is me.

I'm at a complete loss here.Since travelling to Vancouver and back to Toronto a month ago my service has gone down the gutter. In fact, it's as though it gets worse every day. Dropped calls, calls that don't connect, vmails received with no missed ca...

Lundon by Friendly Neighbour
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Bring It Back Online

I’ve registered my device to “bring it back” via online and I’m not sure what to do next. Will I get an email with the next steps soon? My plan ends in 7 days and I’m not sure what to do. Will they ship the new device I chose after my plan ends?

Samsung S22 ultra is laggy/slow what to do now?

This is by far the worst Samsung I've ever owned and I tried returning it but Telus has a 15 day policy and I'm at 45.The phone is laggy switching between apps, texting, surfing the web even is just stuttering. Camera is extremely slow and I can neve...

TylerS by Neighbour
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Bring It Back Online

I went through the process of picking a new phone online and preparing to return my current one, but when I finish everything there’s just a “summary” at the end and it doesn’t say what to do next. My plan ends in 8 days, do I have to wait until it’s...

Resolved! Dual sim on XCover pro

I am looking to get a dual sim phone to have my work number and personal number on one device.I am a big fan of removable batteries and have identified this phone: Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro - SM-G715UZKDXAABut reviews seem to indicate that the dual s...

Google pixel 7

But the Telus price on the Google Pixel 7 (128 GB) is $936, while the price on the Google web site is $799. It appears to me that if I use the Bring-it-back program to purchase a Pixel 7 (128 GB) rather than paying the full price to Google, I lose $1...

thomas12 by Friendly Neighbour
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Price of Google Pixel 7 on Bring-it-back program.

On the Telus web site is the statement:"Save big on the flashiest phones with Bring‑It‑BackTM.Get that brand‑new phone feeling and save like you’ve never saved before. No catch - simply return your device at the end of your plan to enjoy low monthly ...

thomas12 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! MyTelus order page quirk

When looking at the MyTELUS order page for a phone I ordered, there is a weird glitch. I ordered this phone on the 29th of Oct, and when I look on the order page every so often, I've noticed the "Order Placed" date matches today's date...

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