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Resolved! My account

I want to create an account, but my email is attached to my old device on an account I went delinquent with, if I associate my new prepaid device with it what will happen? Is my best play to make a new E-mail?

Camera by Just Moved In
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Buying a phone off of craigslist

I am currently a Telus customer on a month to month bring your own phone plan and I am thinking of buying a new phone (note 5) on craigslist. My question is can I buy a telus locked phone and get Telus to transfer the ownership to me so that the pers...

Cy1971 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Anyone else experienced a curved corner on Samsung S6?

I'm on my second tempered glass protector for my new (less than 1 month old) S6 and I can't get a tiny section of the upper right corner to stick. Thinking of returning the phone to Telus for exchange. Any opinion?

PhilippeC by Friendly Neighbour
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Bought a sealed Note 5 from private seller

He provides me the packing list and shipping package to prove that he got the phone from telus. Told me he paid it outright, But couldn't find the email receipt. Just wondering, what will happen if he report phone lost or stolen. And it is very weird...

Benny by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Will Telus please get more flagship phones in 64gb?

Will Telus please get more flagship phones in 64gb, with manufacturers shifting away from expandable storage and Telus not staying up to date with storage size, its getting harder and harder to stay with Telus.

sorenxx by Neighbour
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