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Is the Samsung S10 Plus on backorder?

So I renewed my contract last Monday (the 19th of August) and with that, ordered the Samsung S10 Plus. I was speaking to an online technician and she walked me through the renewal/ordering process online, claiming it would be more beneficial to me in the long run because they were offering a waive of the activation fee with all online purchases or whatever. Anyway, once the order was complete, I got an order number and she told me that I would receive the order confirmation within 24hrs and the device would ship and reach me on 3-5 business days. Well normally I'm a pretty patient person, but it's been almost 5 days now and I haven't received the confirmation email. The amount I paid (the balance on my current phone and plan) came out on my credit card, but there's no confirmation email and status of my order still says "we are processing your order blah blah". I've reached out to telus in a couple different ways to try and figure out if the device is on backorder because I've seen a few comments on their FB page from other customers who are having the same issues from WEEKS back. Does anyone know if the device is in fact on backorder? I know it's only been a few days for me but I'm getting a little nervous because no one that I've spoken to has given me a straight answer!


Can't answer your question as to whether the Samsung S10 Plus is on back-order or not but...


So the order number you saw was online only yet nothing has arrived in your email's inbox confirming you placed the order?


The last three phones I purchased through Telus (past 26 months) played out differently each and every time. If memory serves, got a confirmation email for each within a day yet their statuses varied in that I could not rely on webpage to keep me informed. Took 8ish business days for one to arrive on my doorstep with its online status never changing for several weeks after receiving device (still showed order as "pending")... All the devices I had ordered were flagged "Order now and get it within 5 to 7 business days" so not sure if that was the differentiator for me.


I wouldn't be too worried, yet. See what happens this week of Aug 26th then go from there. I'm betting you'll see it by Friday and if not, time to call and give them an earful LOL.


In today's world you'd think technology is at a point where keeping customers up-to-date and well informed should be much improved. Personally not finding that to be the case in many instances as there still seems to be too much inconsistency, stands to reason I suppose as human intervention is still required at some point along the way.