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fibre phone service during power outage


Is there an option for powering the Fibre Optic ONT during a power outage?


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This thread mentions the possibility of a UPS under certain circumstances:


Backup power for fibre access - TELUS Neighbourhood




@dernalbert @FuzzyLogic   When i had fiber installed  in 2017  i asked them for batt backup and got it. Make  sure you have a power plug available for both ont and batt and in my case the t3200m all in one location. I had all in place before asking for the fiber.  Telephone copper was right there to do the transfer. I knew batt was available but was it comon to offer it then ???  I have push button phones for backup in my basement and garage. Polecat


@FuzzyLogic @dernalbert  Note at that  time we had  NO CELLPHONE and we have mobility problems. Polecat

Thanks for the info.

I wasn't thinking about this when they installed it. A friend was telling me about his VOIP service that failed when there was a power outage and it dawned on me that my service would probably fail under the same conditions.

I'm rearranging the setup of the service boxes at home and I took a closer look at the ONT and noticed a BTRY light. Naively, I thought that maybe it would come on indicating battery power when I pulled the power cord--TELUS wouldn't sell me service that didn't work in a power outage or inform of that fact, would they?

Anyway, I waited till everyone was in bed and pulled the cord to test my hypothesis and, guess what ....

So I suppose that it will be necessary to get a different version of the ONT from TELUS--is that correct?

@dernalbert  I have an ont and a seperate batt pack. Different ont built in batt ??  Polecat

No. I meant to say FAIL! previously.
My ONT has a light but obviously no battery because the unit and my service shut down when I pulled the plug.
My install is more recent than yours as you can see by the unit sticker on the bottom dated Sept '18.

front panel:

I suppose that there is a model of this ONT that has a battery pack but, with the extra expense, it is unlikely that it would be sourced by TELUS. You never know though.

The POTS light comes on when you use the phone and I was expecting that the BTRY light would have come on when the plug was pulled. Silly me.

@dernalbert  You can't send photos on this site. I will get my model numbers later today. Polecat

S/N: M011839ALU00011499
Intertek 4009203
G-240G-A P/N: 3FE55691AAAA MAC:xxxxxxxxxxxx SN:ALCLFA61C98F
12VDC 1A
No User Serviceable Parts Inside. Refer All Servicing To Qualified Personnel Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No.50, dated June 24, 2007 2301 Sugar Bush Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612 USA

I did seem to manage one photo ???


Nifty new Google Lens picks text off pictures, though as you can see by last post. 


I'll have to check with TELUS for what their solution is now.

@dernalbert  My ont is a acatel-lucent the batt is from telus but no make or model. These unites are hung on the wall of  utility cabenete  confined area can't see labels without taking apart. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Sorry can't provide more. Polecat


 They used to install and provide a battery back-up. further to that point ALL Telus CO's have battery back-up for copper dial tone... just saying



It's funny that they label the ONT with POTS which doesn't even vaguely seem 'plain' .

Plain old telephone service (POTS), or plain ordinary telephone system,

@dernalbert @Kent2   There is pots 1 and 2 ports on my ont ---- pots1 is hooked to the house copper lines whitch have been seperated from incoming telus line. Old copper line is dead. Polecat

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It is offered in areas with poor cellular coverage, or to customers without cellular service. I expect managing battery replacement became a time liability, and most folks had other options for telephone coverage during power outages. If important for you, consider a UPS, and you can power all your telecommunications system (phone and internet).


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@NFtoBC  I have thought about a ups. My ont is backed up by a telus batt backup because i have telephone on fiber. I am thinking a smaller ups could run the 3200m and give us access to the internet during outages. Retired power linemen i have a generator but would not trust it to deliver a constant 60 hrz.  We seem to get a couple of 24 to 36 hour outages a year now always tree related. We have disabilitys and with the virous would be easier to text and mail friends during outages  A small ups would allow the 3200 to give us wifi correct. Polecat

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Yes, a UPS would give you Wi-Fi from the T3200M.
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@NFtoBC  Thank you very much i will look for a proper one. Polecat