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I just learned Telus is migrating webmail to Gmail!

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I suspect this is related to email issues Telus had in August but that's speculation on my part. I was trying to modify my Junk mail settings for Webmail and can't seem to find the settings to change it. In the process I discovered this:

Webmail to Gmail migration: What you need to know Starting March 2020, we will begin migrating all TELUS Webmail accounts to Gmail, the Google email platform


If this was publicized I seem to have missed it. More information here:


Here's hoping this transition goes smoothly. I'm curious what the privacy implications are as that's why I've stayed away from Gmail.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.
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Hi @starchoice ,


You will receive an invitation from us. Follow the prompts in the email to securely choose the details of your migration, including your preferred migration date. Please note that due to the number of customers who use TELUS email today, we will be migrating all accounts using a phased approach. You will receive an invitation anywhere from June to September 2020. Can’t wait to get your invite? You can get an early access pass through the My Wi-Fi app. This app is free and it helps you take control of your TELUS Wi-Fi


Click Here to learn more about the TELUS Webmail to TELUS email powered by Google migration.

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I did not receive any notice but both my hubby and my emails stopped working on all our devices June 30th. On a chat with Telus right now and they can’t even find our email addresses! So frustrating!!

Maybe the notification emails went to your spam or junk folder?

This message mentions getting an early access pass through the My Wi-Fi app. I've installed the app and looked around, but I'm not finding any mention of email migration. What are the steps to actually get the early access pass?

@David_R6 You can get the early access pass in the Notifications list on your Wi-Fi App.  Thank you for joining us early!

So i migrated on my imac but google rejects my password on all my other devices (MACBOOK PRO, ipad, iphone) How do I get out of this mess?


Were you told to do the change over?  Neither me not my wife have received that email yet and we plan to be away for most of September.

Yes we received emails advising us to do it. Now I have one device I can receive email on. Telus is of course inundated with help calls so you are expected to sit on hold for hours.

@Mime @Fisherguy  Was informed by email the time and date.  What a mess took 6+ hours to have a substandard email platform that to me is a cluttered platform. They did say if i don't migrate they will do it sometime in end of oct. Had to call  to get all 3 units up and running --- lap----desk -----ipad. Instructions different for all 3. wasted day


Wow, I can hardly wait till it's our turn, 2 email acounts, 2 laptops, 2 phones and a tablet.
You'd think they'd have step by step guides for people to follow.


@Fisherguy  All my contacts were transfered. Some people got nothing  saved emails etc and contacts. I printed out all my contacts and got rid of ones we would never use. Check your all your units for contacts you will need. I printed some special emails i wanted thank goodness and they never showed up on the new platform. Looking at a new email provider with a simple easy platform. I had a second gmail address i didn' know about forgot changing computers? and it was corrupted somehow. All was mess up They don't use the generic gmail they use one called gsuite ..Polecat

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There is an  extensive list of Mail programs in the internet support section of their website.

Scroll to the bottom of the article if I linked a different version of Outlook than you use.



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Yes and from people's posts it would seem those links leave a lot to be desired.

It's complete  BS Telus is making people go through this hassle and never thought to do anything obvious like increasing the number of support staff to help people with the change, complete BS people have to spend hours on hold or dealing with "tech support" many of whom are overseas and don't speak English too well.
I can hardly wait...

I agree 100%.  Telus has really screwed up on this one.  None of my contacts have migrated but I now have a list of 1,064 contacts that belong to someone else.  None of my folders migrated over so I have no idea where my saved emails are.  I have tried following the instructions to revert back to Outlook without success.  Tried phoning but automated reply simply directed me to the chat and the chat couldn't answer even the most basic question.

Frustrated and angry about this email migration, especially when we were not given a choice.

If you have someone else's contacts then that's a serious privacy issue. @psl , @dru can you make sure this feedback gets to the Telus team in charge of the migration?

@Sprocket , did you backup your .pst file before the conversion?  If you did you should still be able to get everything back (I think)


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I'm using a Mac so I can't speak for Outlook, but the whole thing seems to be a mess. The only things that have worked for me are (1) you keep your email address, (2) you can migrate your bookmarks. On the other hand I haven't been able to migrate my contacts to gmail, nor will Apple Mail map to gmail. So essentially Telus has shut the doors on email, pointed you in the direction of gmail (which you could have done without them) and waved goodbye.

Like you, I was in the telecom business for years and none of this is a surprise to me. Someone on this forum offered the excuse that Telus has made the decision it's not in the email business. You and I would probably describe Telus as a telecommunications company. Chambers dictionary definition of telecommunications is "communication of information in verbal, written, coded or pictorial form by telephone, computer link etc.." The same dictionary defines email as "the sending and receiving of written messages by electronic means."

Either Telus or Chambers has its head on backwards. You make the call.

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Telus's decision to "transfer" to Gmail was strictly cost saving, as they did not want to enlarge their support concern over customer satisfaction whatsoever. UofA has the same Gmail support and it is wholely lacking and not user friendly.

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 There is Apple Mail setup info here, and a work around for older versions of mail here

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Amazing! I tried this for hours on the day of migration and for a few days afterwards, and got nowhere. It kept telling me either user name or password or both were wrong. Now I do exactly the same thing and hey presto, I'm actually getting somewhere although it's still directing me to an old google account I'm trying to close. And the steps it's offering me don't match those on the Telus link - it doesn't ask me about my browser, for instance. Not for the first time it looks like Telus didn't dry-run their own instructions to customers to surface glitches.

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Under one TELUS Home Phone/Internet account we have 3 email addresses with one alias for each. Because of illness I changed the account owner name from myself to my wife with the assurance from TELUS that the services and rates would not change. There were some unwanted changes which we have had fixed now, except for the fact that under My Account-Internet-Manage-email none of the the three email addresses show up (MyAccount says it looks like you don't have any email addresses), and they are gone from My Account for the previous account number. Fortunately webmail access continued to work.  I asked several times starting in mid-July to get this resolved as I wanted to regain the "manage" email capability to delete one of the addresses. Now in late August they say they are still working on it. In the meantime the email address we wanted deleted migrated to Google, so fine I thought to go into Google to delete it, but Google says no this must be done by the administrator and the account is managed by Called TELUS Tech Support eventually reaching someone who really didn't know how to deal with my request except by getting in touch with "back office". 2 hours on the phone and a callback later I am told they will issue a ticket to delete the email address that will typically take 10 days to get worked. Asked for a ticket number to be given me, and one is supposed to be emailed to me. Why make it so difficult to delete an unwanted email address?