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Home internet error message

HelloI just got my Pik TV box yesterday, and the only issue I can see (although a big one!) is that several channels have a house icon with a slash through it and I can not view these channels. I get the error message stated in my subject line.I am c...

Pik TV in the browser - when will it move away from Flash?

Adobe Flash is as good as dead. Major browsers are all on board with complete disablement of Flash come Flash’s End of Life and End of Support date in December.Is Pik TV going to retool under a modern web standard for streaming in a browser? Or are y...

AaronY by Just Moved In
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Pik TV on Optik TV box

Hi, Want to know, can I play Pik TV services on Optik TV box, somehow? Thanks,

Can't login to PikTV

Trouble logging in on my AppleTV 4th gen.I enter my account and password and all I get is perpetual loading symbol.AppleTV is hardwired to ethernet and internet is active. Software is up to date.I have uninstalled and reinstalled App to no effect.Any...

pudge373 by Just Moved In
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Stations on PikTV home screen

Can these be changed? It displays channels I have no access to, and I would rather it show my favourite channels.

Ewan by Connector
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PikTV Home icon on program in guide

What does the Home icon on a program in the PikTV guide mean?Is it the station that you go to when selecting ‘back’? If so, how can the default be changed?

Ewan by Connector
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Pik TV and Google Home

Since the Pik TV upgrade yesterday (July 16), I am unable to stop and start my TV using Google Home (home mini) Google Home recognizes the Pik Tv as a device but it will not allow it to be placed in the Home area (where it is controlled) I have tried...

NigelA by Connector
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Resolved! Add/removing channel

Good day, I'm trying to remove and add channel but this appears on my screen. I've waited for a bit but it still displays the same message.https://imgur.com/a/TcYPly2 Regards, Justin

Justin3 by Just Moved In
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Mananage/change channels

Every time I try to change my channels the page doesn't stop loading. Anyone know what's going on?

Janel by Just Moved In
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Pik TV is getting an upgrade!

Hi everyone, I'm the product manager for Pik TV, and I'm excited to announce that the Pik TV Android Media Box is getting an upgrade! We're rolling out some improvements over the next 10 days - for more details, see the article here. We hope you enjo...

KHR by TELUS Employee
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