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Resolved! Live TV broken for TV+ on AndroidTV (Sony Bravia)

Based on the recent 1-star reviews in the Google Play store I am far from the only one experiencing this. Since Tuesday of this week (Feb 14, 2023) live TV has not functioned at all - restarting a show from the beginning works but isn't very convenie...

ahizzle by Organizer
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Logged out after 1/2 hour.....repeatedly.

This happened just before the update from PIK and now it is happening again, regardless of the browser used I get logged out every 1/2 hour and have to log in again only to get logged out in 1/2 hour. Cookie is set and no adblockers etc....refreshed ...

New Telus Tv+ pauses automatically since update

Since the January update of Telus TV+ rolled out on the Telus TV Digital Box, live TV pauses intermittently even though I don't touch the remote control. As soon as I press play, it continues again indefinitely and I never get the Loading Circle like...

Herc by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! New 01-24-23 Telus Tv Plus Update won't install

Hi, I went to the Google Play Store to install the new Telus Tv Plus update you just released on 01-24-23, but it said it is not available for my android phone. I am running a Samsung Galaxy A52-5g phone. I was able to install the Telus Tv Plus updat...

Resolved! Inatalling Pik TV on my Sony Google TV

Hello Everyone, I recently bought a Sony Google TV and I would like to use PikTV on it.Upon my seach of PikTV on the built-in Google Play Store, it suggests the item is not available in my country even I am now in Canada. Thus, I have no way to downl...

Pik TV playback error

On my PC i randomly cannot watch Pik TV as it displays "Playback Error sorry an error has occurred please try again" Rebooted the PC many times , its random sometimes works sometimes not Very frustrating I pay for this service Note on my Pixel phone ...

pik tv user not working

I'm new to the Pik tv and never used it before. Telus informed me that to log in you need to type in the same password and username as My Telus. but that doesn't work and i cant get into the account.

L Word Gen Q still missing episodes

Hi episodes 6 and 7 have been missing from the L word Gen Q Season 3 for 10 days now, can this please be updated. Thanks

jacqui22 by Friendly Neighbour
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Missing L Word Gen Q S03E05

Hi the latest episode of the L Word Gen Q Season 3 has not been uploaded onto PikTV (even though released 23rd December). When can we expect this to be uploaded? Thanks

jacqui22 by Friendly Neighbour
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