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PIK TV Issues STILL after previous update

Just Moved In

Is there a fix coming?
My guide still constantly freezes and changes my channel display
My phone app continuously signs me out
I no longer have access to CRAVE
I can no longer watch my app through my projector (phone via direct hdmi cord)

I constantly get error messages off of standard channels telling me I am not subscribed or eligible to watch the programming....Its CBC for goodness sakes.


Im trying to understand why you took a perfectly good service and broke it.
I also am disappointed that absolutely ZERO customer service has been extended to users and I had to come on here a search for answers as to why my service is not working adequately.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @KPicken 


If you're having issues with the mobile app, I'd recommend uninstalling and reinstalling. Are you having issues when you're trying to connect it via HDMI, or while it's not connected to anything? Due to our licensing agreements, not all content providers allow the capability to connect your mobile device via HDMI, so you can expect experience issues trying to connect this way.  I'd recommend connecting a laptop or other device via HDMI to your projector.


If you are having trouble accessing channels that you are subscribed to, there may be an issue with the subscriptions on your account that will require an agent to resolve. I'd recommend chatting in, reaching out on social media or calling to have this fixed.