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Please ADD "ACTION HD" to the Satellite TV channels

I submitted an E-Mail request through customer service about this.....but was told I had to go HERE to do this....because customer service could not do ANYTHING about it.....since all the channels are from "BELL"So...here I am requesting that the "AC...

Can Optik TV get a signal from Netgear wireless extender?

I'm trying to use a Netgear WiFi range extender to convert the wireless signal from my Telus modem to ethernet to plug into my Optik TV HD Box. Is there a way to do this, and assuming I need to setup my extender with a static IP, what would my IP, su...

dsr69 by Just Moved In
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Why is NHL Network ending in June?

http://puu.sh/i4nT4/6061f3ede7.pngI saw this on my bill today. Why is TELUS going to stop including NHL Network? It's a good hockey channel. What's up with this?

Resolved! Netflix streaming with 25Mps

Hi,I will be having my Internet hooked up on this coming Wednesday. Since I live in an older building I can only get the 25Mps package. I have also sighed up for the unlimited plan. I would like to inquire if anyone would know if Netflix will stream ...

DennisQ by Neighbour
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Resolved! Is there a maximum amount of series that you can set up to record?

I know that my DVR can on record 3 items at the same time but is there a maximum number of series you can set to record over time. I have noticed recently that some of my series recordings that I had set up have been disappearing. I was wondering if ...

kbm30 by Just Moved In
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New Optik theme packs

So browsing around i notice Telus has moved a lot of channels to new theme packs. Which bundle channels that make more sense. Example OLN is no longer tied into GOLtv and ESPN classic.It's in a new theme pack called Adventure & Beyond. The other them...

How do u program a remote to work on a different receiver?

We lost the main remote so now we are trying to use the remote from the other room but it doesn't work on the main receiver. It's a 5.1 IR and the receiver is a 9400T. Satelite not Optik. Thanks

jsb247 by Neighbour
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Sound cuts out intermittently on CIS430 PVR

As the title says, the sound cuts off intermittently when I'm watching TV. It usually only happens when I've been watching TV for a few hours. When I change the channel, the sound returns. The PVR is about 4 1/2 years old, and I suspect it's a hardwa...

TELUS tv ever going to get WWE Network on demand coverage?

Is telus TV ever going to get WWE network the on demand coverage? I feel telus satellite tv customers are left out on the online on demand coverage. I keep not getting a straight answer from them when i call. I pay for the network and i pay the exact...

albertanj by Just Moved In
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